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Today I want to post and share my experience on how to install printer old products are certainly old printer product only supports the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista.

                  My experience happened last night, on Friday night March 18, 2106. At approximately 20:30 or 08.30 pm, my brother in law came with a laptop that has OS Windows 7. He told me, he had tried to install but never succeeded.  Shortly, after all printer devices attached to the mains and to the laptop. With confidence and conviction, I insert the disc driver HP Deskjet 2500 Series Laptop to my brother in law to start the install. Initially, the process runs smoothly. Then suddenly stopped and the install process according to the statements could not be installed because the computer program that does not support. I am confused why it didn’t run well? I think my brother in law Laptop program must be installed again. Then I tried to install to my laptop, and it is still the same case. I tried hard until the clock did not work. Apparently after I saw the driver disc again, there is a description of the supported win 2000 Win XP and Vista. While laptops we've Win 7. But I was curious, Then, I try another way to add the printer via the Control Panel I try again and again and finally succeeded. The HP Deskjet D2500 Printer Series that support  Win 2000, win XP and Vista can run on Win 7.

                 Let me share the following steps that your old printer product (or that only supports Win 2000, Win XP and Vista) can be used in laptop OS Win 7 or above:

1. Before you begin to install, Make sure the printer is connected to the electricity and to the Laptop. Insert CD Printer Driver Product long (in samples brand HP Deskjet D2500 series) to Laptop. If it comes RUN select Close  mark ( X ). Click the icon "START" on our laptop.

2. Then came the selection bar and select Control Panel and CLICK. Then, comes the image below. Then click Hardware and Sound.

3. Then select and click Add a printer. Look at the picture below. Then we will go to the menu options like this.

4. Click Add a local printer, See below.

5. After that change Use an existing pot LPT1: (Printer Port) Select and Click column was then a lot of option in the column choice.

6. Replace stuffing LPT1: (Printer Port) with a USB port, see the image below. Then CLICK NEXT.

7. CLICK Have Disk button

8. CLICK Browse button. As shown below.

9. Click the icon COMPUTER.

10. CLICK DVD RW Drive (F :). Then, CLICK Open button.

11. After that comes the picture below. Then CLICK Open button.

12. Thereafter CLICK OK button as shown below.

13. After appearing as shown below Click the Next button.

14. Then click the Next button on the display .Wait the process.

15. Click the Next button again.

16. Before we Click the Finish button, on the screen there is a choice Print a test page on the left bottom. Try to print a test page to test the printer runs perfectly. Insert the paper into the printer. When it is completed, click the button FINISH.

Thus, my experience in installing Printer old products ( HP Deskjet D2500 series )  to Laptop Win 7 Operating System.

I hope it will be useful  for all.


Hallo.....Apa kabar....Sobat dimanapun Anda berada, semoga tetap semangat dan sukses selalu.
Hari ini saya ingin memposting dan berbagi pengalaman saya tentang bagaimana menginstall Printer produk lama yang tentunya printer produk lama hanya mendukung sistem operasi Windows 2000, windows XP atau Vista.

Pengalaman kali ini terjadi tadi malam, yaitu malam Sabtu, hari Jumat malam tanggal 18 Maret 2106. Sekitar jam 20.30 WIB, adik ipar saya datang dengan membawa laptop yang sudah OS Windows 7. Dia bercerita, katanya sudah mencoba menginstall tapi tidak pernah berhasil. Singkatnya setelah semua perangkat Printer terpasang ke listrik dan ke laptop. Dengan percaya diri dan penuh keyakinan saya memasukkan disc driver HP Deskjet 2500 Series  ke Laptop adik ipar saya untuk memulai instal. Awalnya lancar sampai proses berjalan, lalu tiba-tiba proses install terhenti dan menurut keterangan tidak bisa diinstal karena program komputer yang tidak mendukung. Saya bingung kok ga bisa ya? Saya kira Laptop adik ipar saya harus diinstall program ulang. Lalu saya mencoba menginstall ke laptop saya, dan ternyata masih sama kasusnya. Utak-atik sampai satu Jam tidak berhasil. Ternyata setelah saya lihat disc driver nya lagi, ada keterangan supported win 2000. Win XP dan Vista. Sementara  Laptop kita sudah Win 7. Tapi saya penasaran, lalu saya coba dengan cara lain dengan menambahkan perangkat printer melalui Control Panel saya coba berulang ulang dan akhirnya berhasil. Printer HP Deskjet D2500 Series yang support win 2000, win XP dan Vista bisa berjalan di Win 7.

                Baiklah berikut saya bagikan langkah – langkahnya agar printer produk lama Anda (atau yang hanya mendukung Win 2000, Win XP dan Vista ) bisa digunakan di Laptop yang ber OS Win 7 atau diatasnya:
1.        Sebelum mulai install, Pastikan printer terhubung ke listrik dan ke Laptop. Masukkan CD Driver Printer Produk lama ( dalam conto merk HP Deskjet D2500) ke Laptop. Kalau Muncul RUN pilih Close. Klik icon “START” di laptop kita.

2.       Lalu muncul bar pilihan dan Pilih dan KLIK Control Panel. Lalu Muncul gambar dibawah ini. Lalu Klik Hardware and Sound.

3.       Kemudian Pilih dan Klik Add a printer. lihat gambar dibawah ini.  maka kita akan masuk ke menu pilihan seperti ini.

4.       Klik Add a local printer Lihat di bawah.

5.       Setelah itu ubah Use an existing pot LPT1 : (Printer Port) Pilih dan Klik  Kolom itu maka banyak pilihan dikolom tersebut.

6.       Ganti isian LPT1: (Printer Port) dengan Port USB lihat gambar dibawah ini. Lalu KLIK NEXT.
7.       KLIK tombol Have Disk

8.       KLIK tombol Browse. Seperti gambar dibawah ini.

9.       Klik icon COMPUTER.

10.   KLIK DVD RW Drive (F:). Lalu KLIK tombol Open.

11.   Setelah itu muncul gambar dibawah ini. Lalu KLIK tombol Open.

12.    Setelah itu  KLIK tombol OK seperti gambar dibawah.

13.   Setelah muncul seperti gambar dibawah Klik tombol Next.

14.   Lalu Klik tombol Next pada tampilan berikut.Tunggu sampai proses.

15.   Klik Tombol Next kembali.

16.   Kemudian Sebelum kita Klik tombol Finish, dalam layar ada pilihan Print a test page disebelah kiri bawah. Cobalah print a test page untuk mengetes printernya berjalan sempurna. Masukkan kertas kedalam printer. Kalau sudah sudah selesai, Klik Tombol FINISH.

Demikian pengalaman saya dalam menginstall Printer produk lama ke Laptop OS Win 7.
Semoga Bermanfaat. ....SALAM SEMANGAT BISA...!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


In this post I want to share how to change password in yahoo mail.
           Actually there is nothing important anyway ... just to change a password or password in an email. From my own experience that happens to have multiple accounts that each have a different password. Making it difficult for myself. Therefore, I was finally evened the same password for accounts - accounts I have. Indeed, our account security is very important and more important is that we must have a password ataukata us can remember the password to enter and be connected within our own account. But sometimes we run into trouble if we have multiple accounts, such as,, facebook, twitter or gmail or other social media.

           Now if we bother having to remember multiple passwords? Fortunately, if we remember
This time I will discuss how to change the password on the yahoo mail. Incidentally, I permutations to change password in yahoo mail eh finally found it. Therefore, I want to share the experience in changing or change the password on the yahoo mail. Either via a PC / Laptop or via android smartphone.

          Well, here are some ways to change the password or password Yahoo Mail through our devices:
1. Through a PC or Laptop.
          Before describing the steps - steps, of course, PC / Laptop we must already be connected to the internet huh? Either via WIFI or using a modem.
Okay, below are the steps to replace the Password / Password Yahoo Mail with a PC / Laptop:

• In the address bar type ( if our email is )or could Jump to
• Then sign in or sign in into our account. Look at the icon SIGN IN on the right side above next to Mail icon.

• After filling in with our account with the old password, as shown below.

• After filling your account with our e-mail address and password to us. Click Continue. then we get into the picture Mail or our e-Mail at the top right.

• Then the display will show our letter.
At the left side above and see no sign of Jagged Wheels. Then click and will appear like this. Then select settings(pengaturan ;in indonesia).

• After setting( pengaturan;in Indonesian) clicked. Then the screen will appear Personal Info (info Pribadi ; in Indonesian ) as below,

• Click the security account( Keamanan Accoun; in Indonesian ). Then will appear the following screen.

• Click Change password ( ubah kata sandi ; In Indonesian ). Stuffing screen will appear Changing Password or ( Mengubah sandi ; in Indonesian ) as below.
• Fill a new password. Then write the password again we are just now
in the column Confirmation taken.• If you've filled in all, then click Continue.
• And the new password change process done.

2. Changing the Password / Password in Yahoo Mail through Smart
phone android.

• To be fast in loading surf on Android we use a web browser from Google.
• Sign in Browser app (icon image of the world)
• In the address bar type
• Then it will appear below.

• Then click the letter icon as shown on the
right side above in the image above. After that the screen will be shown as below.

• After that,
enter our e-mail then continue( Lanjutkan; In Indonesian ) and will display the screen Hallo..for e.g, Siti. And enter your old password and see the picture like this below.
• Once
enter the password and click icon sign in then screen will turn out to be like this.

• Click the three stripes on the left top. After that will appear below.

• Then click the option ( opsi; in Indonesian )
, see the picture above. There will be a selection of the display as shown below.

* Click the Change Password  and then appear as shown.Enter  new password in the first and second columns. If you want to not mistyped the password,  show password column tick. After that click on the continue button. • Finish already-process to replace or change the password / new password.
• Good luck.
• Hopefully my experience this time is beneficial to us all.

Thus my article this time about how to replace or mengubag password / password yahoo mail.
May be useful for us all.
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